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Guaranteed satisfaction and significant cost-savings long-term.

At The Energy Analysis Group, our commitment to providing exceptional customer service is second to none. With more than 20 years of industry-leading experience, you can count on us to help you save big on your utility spending. With EAG by your side, expect nothing short of expert guidance and substantial amounts of customer satisfaction. Experience the advantages of our “whole-house” solutions today.

When it comes to building management or energy efficiency support, you can count on us to be there for anything you need. To us, every customer will be treated like family. At EAG, you are our biggest priority no matter what.

Check out some of our reviews to see what our customers and partners have to say about us:

“As a new homebuyer, I was extremely concerned about the many costs that accrue monthly. I was particularly worried about high energy bills. Energy Analysis Group patiently walked me through the process of converting my home from oil to gas and upgrading the systems in my home, as well as building upon the existing insulation. And with what results! This past summer, I kept my AC on at least 3 degrees higher than in my last home and the comfort was exceptional! Most importantly the savings shone through! My bills are so much lower than some of my neighbors! Thank you, EAG.” – Jay

“We just want to express our gratitude for the wonderful work you have done. You cannot imagine how comfortable our house is. We have not had air conditioning working like this, EVER! It’s just great!” – Frumie D.

“Electric Usage:

June-July ’12 – 8713 kwh

June-July ’13 – 6272 kwh

Approximately 28% decrease . . .

That’s a $390 savings just this month!” – Abe

“In an effort to reduce my energy usage and costs, I converted from oil to gas, and spray foamed my attic. EAG was a pleasure to work with! They took care of all the details with the gas company and were efficient and honest in their work. This program really works! This year I saved a ton of money” – Sam

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There’s a reason why the Energy Analysis Group has maintained a position as the nation’s top building reclaimer for four straight years. Our authentic building management solutions are second to none. Every day, our team commits to providing excellent services in order to conserve energy and to reduce utility spending. On average, companies that work with EAG save at least 30% on their monthly utility bills. If you want to reduce energy waste, boost utility efficiency, and improve your bottom-line results, then we’re the right partners to have in your corner.

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