Multifamily LED Lighting Solutions

Take advantage of EAG’s energy efficient lighting solutions.

High-quality lighting solutions from New Jersey’s top multifamily energy effciency company.


EAG – A Superior LED Lighting Company

At Energy Analysis Group, you’re not just getting better lights. With us by your side, you’ll receive a solution that lowers your overall energy costs. When you utilize our LED solutions, we’ll always support you with the complete bundle of care. We’ll do everything we can to keep tenants comfortable and to keep your space bright.

By using one of our LED lighting solutions you save more money. We’ll provide you with an LED solution that significantly reduces your monthly utility bills.

As expert LED lighting consultants, you can trust us to handle everything from installations to retrofits, and much more. We’ll provide you with turnkey solutions and streamline the entire project for you. With us, you’re not just getting a great light bulb or quality fixture. You will also get a partner with decades of experience in the energy field to support you.

Lighting fixtures are very expensive and come with a limited lifespan.

Trust the lighting consultants at EAG to provide you with a durable and cost-efficient lighting solution.

Improve Your Lighting Experience with Our Solutions

The experts at EAG are proven lighting consultants that are willing to do whatever it takes. Anyone can sell you a fixture, but not everyone will be able to tell you it effects your costs. Fortunately, we can cover all these areas for you. With each package that you purchase, you’ll receive an LED lighting rebates to help you save time, money, and energy.

When we’re by your side, we’ll make sure that you are always in the best position to succeed. We promise to provide you with a solution that is durable, flexible, eco-friendly, energy efficient, and cost-effective.

Contact Us With Any Questions

With more than 20 years as professional energy and lighting consultants, we’ve learned what it takes to maintain energy savings at the highest level. Whether it’s a lighting project or full-service analysis, we’ll make sure to cover everything that you need.

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding an LED lighting systems or about a government rebate for LED lighting, then we’re the right people to call.

Contact us today to get the answers that you’re looking for – (732) 444-8321.