Energy Rebates for Multifamily Units

Enroll in a multifamily rebate program to save time, money, and energy.

As BPI certified specialists, we can work with YOUR team.


High Efficiency And Low Utility Bills Every Time

In New Jersey, more than one multifamily rebate program makes navigation of the process very difficult. Fortunately, the experts at the Energy Analysis Group will always be there to help you claim all the rebates that you deserve. You will always save a substantial amount of time, energy and money with our expertise in your corner.

When clients utilize our multifamily rebate solutions, they will walk away with more money and a greater peace of mind.

Let the experts at EAG work with your contractors to get you the rebate that you deserve.

The Energy Analysis Group – BPI GoldStar Contractors & NJ P4P Partners

If you’re in the New Jersey area and looking for an energy rebate program, then look no further. At EAG, we deliver incentives that will result in tremendous cost-savings and long-term energy efficiency. We will help you get the most out of your energy project. By leveraging any of the multifamily programs, we will help you generate a return that is second to none.

You can count on EAG to perform an exceptional job every time. As New Jersey’s leading source for multifamily building HVAC support. If you want to save on your utility bills, then we’re the right partners to work with. We are licensed professionals that are experienced in every facet of HVAC & building management. With more than 20 years as professional energy consultants, you can trust us to set you up with the solutions that you need.

Take Advantage Of Our Cost Effective Solutions

Enroll in our multifamily energy efficiency rebate program and let our solutions keep your energy bills at an all-time low. It doesn’t matter if it’s a garden style, mid or high rise building, we’ll help you get the rebates that you deserve. Take advantage of our unique approach and gain exceptional energy savings today.

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