Multi-Family Complex

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New Jersey’s Top Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Program

The Energy Analysis Group is New Jersey’s premier choice for multi-family utility support. Our team brings more than two decades of experience to every energy project. As a BPI Gold Star building management company, we specialize in preserving energy for apartment complexes that have at least 60 units. At EAG, our mission is to help tenants and property owners conserve energy usage and reduce all utility bills.

At EAG, we are not just building contractors; we are full-service energy professionals. Our team has thousands of hours in hands-on training in home and building energy systems specifically tailored for multi-unit complexes. From simple heating and cooling systems, to understanding building envelopes and air flow, we are equipped to handle every initiative. We always use our knowledge to review the property and make the most appropriate recommendations for a more comfortable setting with lower energy costs.

Whether it’s HVAC, natural gas, or running water, you can count on us to do whatever it takes to help your complex maintain the right amount of energy consumption. With us as your energy partners, we’ll guide you to choose the highest quality and money-saving solutions to support your property.

Call Our Experts for an Exceptional Savings Opportunity

Our staff always tackles things with a unique approach. Like our [residential energy services], we treat multi-family buildings with the “whole-house” care program. During this process, we’ll treat multi-family units with an energy analysis and complimentary upgrade. We utilize a sophisticated energy analysis technique to help you secure the grants you need and pass all eligibility assessments. By taking advantage of the whole-house program, we will help you maximize the use of your energy systems and reduce your utility spending as a result.

By utilizing our energy management program, you can take full advantage of these special perks:

  • Less energy waste
  • More efficient energy equipment
  • More comfortable buildings
  • Long-term cost savings on all utility bills
  • Satisfied tenants and property owners

Invest in a Multi-Family Solution That You Can Trust

If you’re looking for a solution that results in huge savings, then we’re the right partners for you. Whether it’s solar energy management or better electric controls, we’ll always be there to help you save big. With more than 20 years of experience as Energy Star contractors, you can trust us to keep your energy spending at an all-time low.

Contact us today and learn more about any of our renewable energy solutions. Give us a call at (732) 444-8321 to set up a lean [energy analysis] and building audit for your property.