Overwhelmed by all the Energy Initiatives?

With our Multi-family Project Management, we’ll streamline all of your Energy Initiatives

Why do this alone, when you can put the leading energy efficiency experts at the head of your project?

Project management involves so many facets and details. It only makes sense to leave it up to the experts.

EAG is proud to hold the title of the leading multi-family energy efficiency project management consultant service. Our team brings more than 20 years of management experience and millions of dollars of accumulated savings to every project. We can guide you through your project from the very first step until its successful completion.

Whether you need complete management or just minor assistance, EAG delivers.

Your project might be in need of a complete takeover by an external manager. Or you may just need some quick help with your paperwork. Either way, we can help.

At EAG, we take our cue from you.

If you need us to take the reins, we’re happy to step in and lead. And if you just need some minor assistance, that’s fine too.

At EAG, our specialty is saving you money.

If you need assistance with any kind of energy initiative, we can help. From small appliance replacements to the installation of an entire new system, we get the job done smoothly and efficiently every time.

No project is too big or too small for our team. Partner with us for customer satisfaction and an end goal that always delivers as promised.

We Offer Our End-to-End Solutions

EAG can help make the job easier.

Your project might be moving along as scheduled, but we can help you streamline the process and make it even smoother. As experts in energy efficiency, we can provide unique solutions and affordable innovations to any energy project.  With unparalleled management services, you can count on us to get the job done to perfection.

Contact us today to learn how we can help with your next energy management project.


Case Study: Mountain Point Apartments

 Mountain Point Apartments was tired of throwing so much money at inefficient energy systems, but the sheer number of available initiatives was too overwhelming to navigate. Enter the EAG team. With their combined 20+ years of experience guiding energy projects for multi-family units, they immediately got to work making Mountain Point energy-efficient. Their goal was ambitious: help Mountain Point save 43.5% of its total energy consumption. Boilers were upgraded, new LED lighting replaced outdated bulbs, brand-new windows and HVAC controls helped bring heating costs down, and water conservation measures were put into place to decrease overall water consumption. When a later review showed energy savings of just 19%, the EAG team dug a little deeper until they found the problem: the old boilers had been replaced, but they were still online as backups, dragging the efficiency level down and bringing energy costs up. A quick fix remedied the problem, and savings were up again. The EAG team will stop at nothing to bring energy initiatives to goal.


At a Glance

Units: 392Goal: energy-efficient systems

Projected savings: 43.5%

Action: upgraded boilers, lighting, windows, insulation, HVAC controls, water conservation measures