Building Facility Optimization

EAG will help you save money and eliminate energy waste.

EAG - The Gold Standard For Building Energy Optimizations

Energy Analysis Group offers optimal support to enhance commercial BMS systems. We will keep a close eye on your equipment and examine what the data is showing. Based on what the data shows, we will improve energy savings throughout the building. As experts in facilities management, we’ll help you the faults in your system and help reduce energy usage. This will help your company reduce energy costs long-term.

With EAG, you’re not just getting a energy management service. We will provide you with an opportunity that helps you effectively manage the controls in your building, always at a comfortable indoor temperature. Our team will be there to keep your facility operating at an optimal level.

Lower Utility Bills and High-Quality System Optimization

Energy Analysis Group is not simply an energy management company. Our team is comprised of problem solvers. At EAG, it is our goal to help your company reduce utility spending while preserving building comfort. With more than 20 years as building management professionals, EAG specializes in helping commercial building owners keep your money in your pocket.

We’ll make sure that your HVAC systems are always under control. We leverage building automation optimization tools to keep the facility within the parameters of the leasing agreement. It’s the perfect solution to help you maintain comfort, reduce waste, and improve your company’s bottom line.

Set Up a Building Optimization Analysis Today

Prevent energy costs from skyrocketing and let the specialists at EAG tone your utility usage down appropriately. Our customized optimization solutions will help you minimize your spending so you can maximize the building’s comfort with a peace of mind. We promise to bring an unrivaled customer experience to help you accomplish any energy control initiative.

If you want to convert your building into an energy efficient facility, then give us a call today. Contact us at (732) 444-8321 to set up a consultation with an energy star certified professional.

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