Commercial CHP (Cogen)

Utilize combined heat and power to cut down on utility bills.

Affordable energy alternatives by certified professionals.


Cogen at the Highest Level

Energy usage can rack up some costly utility bills. It takes a lot of electricity to support commercial buildings with enough power. This isn’t always the most efficient way to run your facility. At EAG, energy efficiency is one of our biggest priorities. To help business owners cut down on their utility spending, we will find opportunities to support their building with combined heat and power (CHP) gas sources as an alternative to electricity.

Cogeneration is a highly-efficient form of energy use for the right building. Instead of generating electricity off of the power grid, building owners will rely on natural gas to supply the building electric needs.


Benefits of CHP Energy

At EAG, we will seek out the best opportunity for you to be the most energy efficient. Not everyone benefits from combined heat and power so we won’t waste your time if it’s not the right fit. We’ll help you get the rebates that will make this alternative energy system well-worth the investment.

When you partner with EAG for CHP, you’ll hit a home run. Here are some of the biggest advantages of our cogeneration solutions:

  • Less expensive than conventional electricity
  • Lower energy costs as a whole
  • Less dependence on the power grid
  • Onsite power generation
  • Uses clean fossil fuels


Set Up a CHP Energy System Today

If you’re interested in a CHP application, then set up a consultation with one of our specialists. As your one-stop energy resource, EAG will always deliver you with a solution that meets all of your demands.

Take a leap and invest in an alternative source of power. Install a CHP system in your building and start saving money each month. Set up a consultation with one of our CHP specialists and find out how cogen energy can provide your business with energy savings at the highest level.

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