We’re the group that gets you the grant.

That’s the long and the short of it. Energy Analysis Group (EAG) is a forward-thinking company that assists commercial clients with two intertwined key services: Identifying the most sensible methods and technologies for increasing building energy efficiency, and capitalizing on government grant opportunities that are designed to fund such projects.

Government interest is your principal.

The government has strong interest in reducing energy use, which is why its bewildering world of grants and rebates has been established in the first place. EAG keeps up with shifts and developing trends in the matter, and ensures that its clients’ out-of-pocket costs are minimized. In all cases, we design a very quick ROI and work hard towards fulfilling such plans.

A multi-state P4P partner, working for you.

Under the Pay for Performance Program, representatives of building owners – such as qualified energy consulting firms – have the power to present your upgrade plans and work towards grant obtainment on your behalf. EAG is an official P4P partner in multiple states, and has represented countless companies to save them millions of energy dollars. Building speak is our mother tongue.

We know our stuff.

With over 20 years of firsthand experience in large-scale building management, our energy consultants recognize all the possibilities immediately upon stepping into any building. Then they simply proceed to do what they’ve always done best: making sense of energy costs and finding creative ways to afford due upgrades.

Audits that actually bring you money.

How do we build the most comprehensive profile of your building? By visiting the site and performing energy consumption audits. By determining what energy you need versus what is being expended, our experts suggest equipment and schedule changes to boost efficiency and help you qualify for cold, hard cash that can keep you warm at night.

A straightforward yet angled approach.

At EAG, suggesting an equipment upgrade and calling it a day is not the way we do business. Instead, we use a multi-faceted approach that factors in both the viability of the upgrade and the grant’s bottom-line worth. In short, we don’t aim to spend money but to actually bring costs down. That’s why we work every angle in pursuit of the payoff.

Repackaging programs for a perfect fit.

Creativity is our sharpest tool. By thinking outside of the box, we find new ways in which to pay for equipment upgrades. Even with new construction projects, EAG can make programs work for you without forcing radical plan changes. Example: When one of our clients added a 4th floor to their building, we brought utility bills down by 15% despite the 33% increase in space.