Frequently Asked Questions

What is BPI?

BPI is a non-government agency which is recognized by the federal and state governments to credential that an energy firm is proficient in the respective fields.

What is P4P?

Pay 4 Performance is a NJ based program which allows commercial buildings of 50,000 sq and larger to benefit from generous grants for improved energy performance.

EAG assists businesses and multi-family units, both new construction as well as existing structures, in ensuring that their performance meets or exceeds the required levels.

Who is eligible for energy-efficiency grants?

Most buildings that consume electric and/or gas is eligible for government energy grants.

Is it difficult to obtain grants and loans?

Obtaining a grant is a complex process. The larger the grant, the more criteria must be met to be approved.

What kinds of structures are eligible?

Just about any building that pays a societal benefit charge (SBC) is eligible for grants.

Are there any costs associated with this program?

Generally no up-front cost are required for the grant process.

Who performs the facility’s energy audit?

EAG's professional, highly experienced staff performs the entire audit process from start to finish.

Can EAG operate in all states?

Wherever a grant is available, across the continental USA, EAG is able to facilitate it for you. In fact, EAG has already obtained grants for businesses in virtually every state that offers them.