Energy efficiency increases the bottom line of your business. Need we say more?

Average grant

per P4P Job

off your utility bill

average grant

per multi-family unit

Save money. Be happy.

The state and federal Governments share deep interest in reducing energy waste. Combined, they offer businesses and multi-family property-owners thousands in cash incentives to upgrade to energy-efficient systems.

Taking advantage of these win-win incentives requires complex knowledge of the government grants system. Fortunately, EAG has the experience and the familiarity with the system - in every state in the USA - to deliver the incentives you need to start saving on the bottom line!

Consider this...

Is "savings" your favorite word?

Tired of costly repairs to your outdated equipment?

Looking to procure complex government energy grants?

Can your business benefit from additional tax credits?

Interested in reduced heating bills via Co-generation?

Looking to benefit from the Demand/Respond program?

EAG can help.

Energy Analysis Group is a Pay 4 Performance Partner in NJ as well as a BPI certified company. Our extensive knowledge of a commercial energy systems and skilled proficiency in obtaining government grants and incentives enable us to help your business lower energy costs.


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