money escaping

Understanding the problem:

What’s wrong with my systems?

In many homes, up to 60% of the cooling and heating energy goes to waste, due to aging, inefficient systems and poor insulation. That means you’re paying for a lot more energy than you’re getting. . . or, at least, than you’re keeping.

So where is it all going?

Out the windows . . . and the doors, the floors, the ducts . . .

In most situations, wasted energy is a direct result of the houses building and insulation deficiencies. Replacing old systems with energy-efficient ones may only solve part of the problem. If your house is among the majority, you have energy escaping from the doors, floors, walls, and ceilings.

energy loss
old furnace

moreover, you just can’t teach old equipment new tricks.

Fixes to an old unit may get it up and running in the short term, but it will likely cause problems each season as it tries to keep up with energy demands. Advances in technology, energy and mechanics in the past number of years, has made the new equipment up to 98% efficient, but at what cost to consumers? The seemingly prohibitive cost of upgrading, encourages most consumers to opt for repairing year after year.

the result? Less comfort, more cost

Those quick fixes seem to cost only pennies compared to a full system upgrade, however the hidden cost of old mechanisms, is that they can cost over 30% or more to run. This means sky high utility costs month after month, year after year . . .

There is hope.

Thanks to government interest in reducing energy use, EAG has access to grants and loans to help you replace the old and bring in the new. Discover EAG's solutions >
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